Thursday, March 14, 2013

Customize Your iPhone's Autocomplete Feature

The autocomplete feature of the iPhone can really speed up your typing, but occasionally it tries to give you a strange word. At the least this can be annoying, sometimes outright embarrassing.

Autocomplete uses words you have already typed, so if you find that your iPhone uses too much adult content then you may want to choose your words more carefully. There are a few settings you can modify to fix this issue. iOS devices like the iPhone store your keyboard strokes in a Keyboard Dictionary. You can delete this dictionary to clear out your previously typed words. 

Go to Settings>General>Reset 
and you will see the screen below. Choose Reset Keyboard Dictionary. 

You can also use the autocomplete feature to your advantage. You can create custom keyboard shortcuts that autofill commonly used words and phrases like your email address, mailing address, even your sweetheart’s nickname.

Go to Settings>General>Keyboard>Add New Shortcut...

For the pranksters out there, you can get your friends’ iPhone and modify her keyboard shortcuts to finish common words with something more amusing 

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